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Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

Pima Association of Governments' Strategic Transportation Safety Plan, adopted by the PAG Regional Council in 2016, provides regional goals, objectives, strategies, countermeasures and safety performance measures for the region.

The plan will help to identify projects that will be included in PAG’s long-range transportation plan that can help reduce the risk of death and serious injury to all transportation users in the region.

Bike boulevards and signalized pedestrian crossings improve the safety environment for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Medians at streetcar stops are a design feature to improve pedestrian safety.
Multi-use paths help separate bicyclists and pedestrians from motor vehicles.
Heavily traveled intersections can call for multiple safety enhancements, such as signalized pedestrian crossings.
A signalized pedestrian and bicycle crossing helps to control traffic flow by stopping vehicles and allowing pedestrians and bicycles to safely cross the street.
Providing safe crossings for all pedestrians is a key transportation goal for our region.
A two-way cycle track offers protection between bicyclists and vehicles, including separation by curb and parked vehicles, as well as separation from pedestrian sidewalk traffic.
Assessing safety performance of intersections and roadways helps identify needs for incorporating safety design elements in future improvement projects.

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