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Regional Planning

Pima Association of Goverments coordinates cross-jurisdictional planning efforts with PAG's local, state and tribal members.

PAG conducts long-range and short-range transportation planning to help improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of our regional transportation system. PAG also conducts travel demand management strategies, such as ridesharing and travel reduction, operations and safety programs, bicycle and pedestrian programs, human services planning, and coordinating and supporting intermodal transportation systems.

PAG conducts air quality, water quality and economic vitality planning to help sustain our environment and quality of life.

PAG generates transportation modeling, traffic counts, population projections, and GIS maps and aerial photos of the region to support our program's regional planning applications.

In addition to other regional planning activities, PAG manages a Clean Cities program, which is funded through the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities program to advance the nation's economic, environmental and energy security by supporting local actions to reduce the use of petroleum in transportation.


The 2020 census form is now available online

You should have received an invitation in the mail to respond online, by phone or by mail. It’s your choice. If you complete your form by early May, census takers will only visit households that have not submitted a form. Complete one form per household and shape the future.

Thanks for participating in this mandatory count that leads to fair government representation, equitable public funding and accurate statistics that portray an updated snapshot of our nation. All personal information remains confidential.


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