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Pima Association of Governments launched this campaign to help increase pedestrian safety in Pima County.

PAG works to ensure our region enjoys quality transportation, a healthy economy and a sustainable environment.
As the federally designated metropolitan planning organization, PAG manages and coordinates cross-jurisdictional transportation planning, environmental planning and technical services with PAG members.

In the PAG region, various resources, including other safety programs and outreach materials, are available to make Pima County a safer place to walk, bike and drive.



Bicycle/Pedestrian HAWK crossing at Speedway Blvd and 10th Ave


Regional Pedestrian Plan

PAG has developed a Regional Pedestrian Plan in order to respond to the challenges facing our pedestrian environment. Due to higher-than-average pedestrian fatality rates, Tucson was named a Pedestrian Safety Focus City by the Federal Highway Administration.

The Regional Pedestrian Plan emphasizes the importance of walking as a mode of transportation in the Tucson region and has established pedestrian improvement priorities, including specific goals.



Regional Transportation Authority

Projects in the Regional Transportation Authority’s 20-year plan have contributed to overall multimodal safety in Pima County. The RTA, which is managed by Pima Association of Governments, has completed 48 of 80 promised pedestrian safety crossings, 109 miles of 250 miles of promised sidewalks, 226 miles of 550 miles of promised bike lanes and 149 of 200 promised intersection safety improvements. The RTA plan, which is entering its 10th year, was approved by Pima County voters in 2006. To date, the RTA has invested $740 million in transportation improvements funded by the regional half-cent excise tax also approved by voters.



PAG thanks and credits Arizona Department of Transportation and Pima County Bicycle and Pedestrian Program for use of its content, which contributed to WalkSafeDriveSafe.com. All other statistics used on this site are taken from PAG's Regional Pedestrian Plan.



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